Welcome to the new blog at Forgotten Detroit.  This is the first phase in a complete rebuild and relaunch of the site.  It is also a resurrection, of sorts, of a previous blog of mine titled The Kohrman Report.  This new blog will serve a number of functions.  It is not my primary intention to rehash historical information found in the website’s main articles, or focus on blow-by-blow tales of poking around abandoned buildings.  While there will be some of those things from time to time, my main interest is to also examine a larger number of issues surrounding the landscape of deindustrialization in Detroit and the Great Lakes.  For example, I will be using the blog to examine the ways people, including myself, react to, remember, commemorate and interpret modern ruins.

That being said, the focus will center on Detroit, as that is the main focus of this site, but I will also feature posts and discussions on sites around the region as a means of helping put the situation in Detroit within it’s proper context as well as highlight situations elsewhere that may have some relevance.  Only time will tell how this all takes shape, but those are some of my thoughts at the moment.  I hope that you enjoy the discussion!

David Kohrman

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