Forgotten Detroit
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The Beauty Parlor

The Beauty Parlor "Close to the women's retiring rooms is a splendidly equipped hairdressing parlor with a children's room adjoining. It has many pieces of Louis XIV furniture - genuine antique pieces covered with real hand-made tapestry. The carpet is a rich red and gold of Louis XIV design, this carpet covering the entrance and waiting room, and also running in between the booths. The windows have red cantonierres with gold overdrapes of silk curtains hung on little tracks. In the booths the operating chairs are covered with silk brocade. The doorways leading to booths are hung with rubberized silk curtains suspended from little racks."Beauty ParlorLadies Retiring RoomEnglish GrilleBarber ShopLadies Writing Room and LoungesThe Palm RoomChinois Tea RoomVenetian Dining RoomBlue Room CafePromenadeLobby LoungeSample RoomsBed RoomsBed RoomsBed RoomsParlor SuiteParlor SuiteBed RoomsBed RoomsParlor SuiteBed RoomsCoffee ShopStoresStoresStoresStoresGrand BallroomCrystal BallroomItalian GardenPrivate Dining RoomsLoggiaFounders RoomsPrivate Dining RoomsUpper Ballroom

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