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The Blue Room Cafe

Blue Room Cafe "At the end of the lobby, opposite that at which the main restaurant is located, is the Blue Room Cafe, a low-ceilinged room of an early French period of decorative treatment."

"The walls are all of natural walnut, with tapestry panels of a similar tone. The ceiling is rich with relief work of Francis I period, decorated true to colors. The carpet is a beautiful deep blue with the salamander and crown of Francis I in gold. The overdrapes in the room are the same scheme, soft deep blue with gold decoration, the valances being blue velvet with the crown and salamander enbroidered in gold upon them. Underneath these valances and overdrapes are casement cloths as in all of the other rooms. The furniture is walnut, strikingly upholstered in beautiful blue and gold striped damask. The fixtures are of bronze delicately wrought, and so are the sidebrackets which are of a similar design. In the center of the room a dance floor may be made by taking up a section of carpet."

Wall detail

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