Forgotten Detroit
Book-Cadillac Hotel

The Chinois Tea Room

early sketch"Leading from the Palm Room in the extreme corner of the hotel is a delightful little tea room in which the architectural features are of the period of Louis XV, the decorations, however, being Chinese. This is what is called the Chinois scheme of decoration, the Chinese influence upon Frence design. The furniture is Louis XV, the tables and chairs being gold covered with black. The draperies are jade green. The floor is covered with a jet black carpet upon which are Chinese figures in jade green and Chinese red. Around the entire room there is a bench built on to the wall and upholstered with black cut velvet. The lighting fixtures are old bronze Louis XV, delicately chased and hung upon jade green velvet cord. In the room are two striking red laquer serving fixtures."

"The color illustration is an early interior decorator's sketch of the room. In finally carrying out the room, black carpeting was substituted for the wood floor, and a black mohair upholstered bench was placed around all the walls. Jade green drapes were substituted for the ones shown."

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