Forgotten Detroit
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The Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop"Off one side of this arcade is the hotel Coffee Shop, a very clever and striking room with cafeteria service. This room has a color scheme of blue and yellow with cream colored walls and ceiling. The cafeteria counter is of brilliant blue tile set in yellow cement. The chairs are blue enamel with yellow decoration, and the tables are yellow enamel with blue decorations. An interesting thing about the tables is that they are equipped with rubber tops in an imitation of black and white marble, thus eliminating the clatter of dishes and silver upon them, while at the same time giving a very handsome effect. The counters, pastry cases and other fixtures which are built into the rooms are of blue enamel with delicate yellow decoration. The room is a long and narrow one, in which the effect of greater width has been produced by the use of mirror panels on the columns and post."

The Coffee Shop's blue tile counter was furnished with the latest and most approved equipment including salad pans, display shelving, triple nickel silver slide rails, steam table, ice cream and milk cabinet and coffee urns. Back of this cafeteria counter was a small separate kitchen where as much as possible of the preparation of hot foods and salads was performed. An entire separate dishwashing pantry with separate machines for washing china, glass, and silver handled the soiled dishes of the cafeteria. Separating the tables from the counter line was a series of black guard rail posts hung with silk canary cord, matching the banding of the tile on the counter.

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