Forgotten Detroit
Book-Cadillac Hotel

The Crystal Ballroom

Crystal Ballroom"The smallest of the three main ballrooms of the Book-Cadillac is called the Crystal ballroom because of the scheme of decorative treatment which is white, gold, and ivory, with brilliant crystal chandeliers. The center of the ceiling is done in French blue. The windows are hung with casement cloth, over which are gold glass curtains with overdrapes and valances of gold and white damask. The chandeliers in the room are crystal and silver, delicately chased, each dropping from a sunbrust in glass. The walls are mirrored, with brackets of the same general design as the chandeliers. The floor is wood parquet."

"There are five elaborate ceiling fixtures in this room and thirty-two imported crystal brackets. The room is fitted with mirros trimmed in gold. It also is equipped with radio broadcasting and amplifying attachments."

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