Forgotten Detroit
Book-Cadillac Hotel

The English Grille

The English Grille"In the English Grille on the Mezzanine floor the men may find a place that is peculiarly and particularly theirs. Except at certain times women will not be served in this room. Hence it takes on considerable of the free and easy atmosphere of a club."


Wall Detail"The room has fumed oak walls and a low beamed ceiling with old English relief decorations. The furniture is all of oak to correspond, half the chairs being upholstered in brown tapestry and half of them in dark green leather. The carpet is of an old English deaf design in dark green and brick color."

"The windows in the Grille are hung with glass curtains with overdrapes of large English scroll drapery and valaces of deep green velvet."

"The chinaware service is fully in keeping with the general atmosphere of the Grille, being decorated with old English hunting scenes."

Counter"A unique feature is in the manner of service. There is a refrigerated counter and display case in which fish and meats are placed. A guest may step up to this display case, select his steak or chop and stand there and watch it cook if he so desires."

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