Forgotten Detroit
Book-Cadillac Hotel

Founders Rooms

"The rooms of the Founders Club of Detroit on the ballroom mezzanine are among perhaps the most lavishly furnished in the hotel, and consist of an office, a women's room, and a general club room and vestibule. The carpet is rose and gold of Louis XVI design, extremely rich and beautiful. The furniture consists of reproductions and antiques from the Louis XIV period covered with handsome tapestries and French cut velvets. There is an imported table done in gold with heavy marble slab top. Against one wall is a Boule bookcase imported from France, black, inlaid with bronze in tortoise shell. The draperies are gold brocatel. At one corner of the principal room is Louis XIV rosewood and bronze ormolu floor clock. The walls are panelled in Louis XIV design."

"In the Founders Club is a women's room furnished with imported Louis XVI enameled furniture covered in brocade."


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