Forgotten Detroit
Book-Cadillac Hotel

The Grand Ballroom

Ballroom"The great ballroom, two stories high, forty-six feet wide and one hundred forty-five feet long, surrounded by galleries on three sides, is designed and carried out in the more delicate mode of the Florentine renaissance. Its ceiling is composed of three great panels laid in gold leaf, each framed in an elaborate tracery of staff work rich Venetian colors. The walls are pierced by arches framing the windows and visitor's galleries and covered by gracefully paneled wainscoting of moderate height with decorative mirrors and grilles."

Light Fixture"The ceiling is provided with two gorgeous crystal fixtures containing more then a ton of crystal. The side wall bracket lights are crystal prisms forming a register for the ventilating system. These are concealed by the rainbow hue. An especially constructing cove encircles the entire ceiling and is equipped with three-color lighting effects. In the center of the ballroom may be placed an electric fountain which directs its rays upon a huge revolving globe in the ceiling above. The room with its major pre-selective remote control switchboard and dimmers fully equips it for all theatrical purposes. The ballroom is also provided with radio broadcasting and amplifying equipment available for all occasions."

"The walls are splendidly decorated in plastic relief of Venetian design laid in gold leaf. The imposing windows, twenty-four feet high, with arched tops, are hung in beautiful rose and gold damask valances and overdrapes, under which are casement cloth curtains."

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