Forgotten Detroit
Book-Cadillac Hotel

Women's Retiring Rooms

The Powder Room"The group of experts out of whose fertile brains came the ideas for building and planning the hotel certainly are to be credited with a knowledge of the whims, likes and dislikes of the fair sex. All this is refected in the suite of private rooms for the women guest. These, as nearly as a mere man can describe them, are charming in the extreme - more so prehaps then any other section of the hotel."

"One room of the suite is a "Powder Room" covered with powder blue carpet of Louis XV design. The walls are panelled in gray glazed in blue, as is also the ceiling."

"In this room are eight exquisite "powder tables" done in Chinese red lacquer with blue brocade tops under glass. The lower part of the powder tables are upholstered in blue brocade and there are blue brocade covers on the red lacquer benches."

"Adjoining the Powder Room is a rest room, also carpeted in powder blue with handsome imported furniture of French design covered with red and blue damask."

"There is also a women's smoking room with taupe carpet. This room has furniture of Nouveau French design enameled in blue and gold and covered with silk frieze. The little smoking tables are blue and gold with marble tops. In this suite of rooms there are private telephone booths provided"

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