Forgotten Detroit
Book-Cadillac Hotel

The Main Lobby

Lobby Lounge"The lobby is a Venetian room and the walls are of beautiful colored Breche Violette marble trimmed with white Alabama. The gallery railings of wrought bronze resting upon black walnut beams between columns supporting a richly modeled cornice. The ceiling is of intricate panels with the whole surface decorated in subdued colors on a ground work of gold leaf. Appropriately enough, the ceiling is emblazoned with the coat of arms of Cadillac, the brilliant and dashing founder of the city."

Lobby Chandelier"The chandeliers, of which there are two in the main portion of the lobby, are tremendous pendants of gracefully chased bronze with tier upon tier of slim, graceful candles glowing upon them. The chandeliers are, of course, worked out in a continuation of the Venetian ideas of decoration."

"All of the rugs in the lobby and the hallways, corridors and foyers adjoining the lobby are soft gray-green, the center part being in two tones with a soft figured decoration with a handsome dark figured border in colors. In all of these rugs the Book-Cadillac crest is woven at each corner."

"All of the windows of the lobby are hung with soft casement fabrics, over which are stately green and gold damask overdrapes and valances. The lounge windows are all provided with an interior screen of glass, six feet of more in height, which prevents a draft of air when the outer windows are open."

"On the left side of the main lobby as it is entered from the staircase is the fount office of the hotel, in which the woodwork and fixtures are of natural walnut, this wood being used throughout the public rooms."

"In the lobby also are found cigar cases, candy cases, telegraph office, telephone booths, all of walnut with marble bases."

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