Forgotten Detroit
Book-Cadillac Hotel

The Mezzanine Floor

Ladies Writing Room and Mezzanine Lounges"The lobby of the Book-Cadillac is actually two stories hight, the mezzanine floor extending over the other rooms. On the mezzanine are to be found all the conventional features usually to be found, as well as a number that are unusual. Here are writing galleries, women's retiring rooms, a women's writing room, an English Grille room, a barber shop, and an exceptionally large beauty parlor. On this floor also is a fully equipped stock exchange for the convenience of all guest."

"The carpet on the lobby mezzanine proper is a soft gray green of the same general color and design as the rugs used on the main lobby floor, the figure however being somewhat reduced. The furniture also follows that in the lobby, being small, delicately designed and arranged in convenient groups here and there. Part of the mezzanine lobby lounge is taken up with a women's writing room, exquisitely furnished in small groups with walnut and gold desk and chairs. Here are two interesting antique chairs of the Empire period."

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