Forgotten Detroit
Book-Cadillac Hotel

The Private Dining Rooms

"On the ballroom floor is a series of private dining rooms of small size. Three of these are of Louis XV design, the walls being paneled and painted, the floor covered with amethyst Louis XV carpet, and the windows hung with glass curtains with amethyst and gold over drapes hung from gold cornices. The chairs are Louis XV in gold upholstered with amethyst brocade."

"Two other dining rooms are of the Louis XVI period with plain blue carpet on the floor, the walls painted and paneled, the windows treated with blue damask overdrapes hung from gold cornices. In these rooms the furniture is gold upholsterd in blue fabric of Louis XVI design."

"There is also one more private dining room of the same Louis XVI design, except that the carpeting, draperies, and upholstering are in rose instead of blue."


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