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The Venetian Dining Room

Venetian Dining Room"In the main restaurant an effort has been made to follow in the footsteps of the masterly architects of Venice. There is a vaulted ceiling between great tranverse beams supported by decorative corbels at the walls. These surfaces are composed and modelled in a bold vigorous manner and richly decorated in gold and color. The walls are composed of plain surfaces pierced by great arches framing the windows and mural decorations. The piers and arches are outlined with wood mouldings and sculptured ornament."

Dining Room Photo"The lower part of the walls are completely covered with a richly diversified wood panelling, framing intimate mirrors, the doorways and openings for ventilation, so as to form an appropriate background of pleasing warmth for the gay social life."

"Of the murals just mentioned there are twelve, including four great oblong murals set in arches representing the four seasons of the year. Mural panels line the lower part of the chandelierwalls giving the room, which is already large, even a larger appearance."

"The main restaurant has eight great chandeliers, each of delicately wrought pattern of intracate bronze traceries, hung with white and colored crystals."

"Upon the floor is a soft figured carpet with a red background, containing an old Venetian green and gold design. This carpet, and in fact every yard of carpeting in the entire hotel, is laid over Ozite carpet cushion, which greatly increases the softness of the floor covering in addition to lengthening its life. It also permits the laying of the carpet over a concrete floor."

"The chairs are of Venetian green decorated and upholstered in amethyst mohair. The tall windows are hung with casement cloth curtains over which are gold and red overdrapes and valances. With the arched tops of the windows, this decorating plan gives a rich effect."

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