It is probably no secret that I have a soft spot for hotels. Not surprisingly I’ve gradually acquired a small collection of Detroit hotel items. Brochures are my favorite but tend to be difficult to find. So finding one, earlier this week, atop a pile of old maps made me rather giddy. I lead an exciting life.

It isn’t much, I am sharing the entire thing here. But I quite like it. The cover depicts the Tuller Hotel, circa mid-1920s to the 1930s, among clouds, rays, and a distant downtown. Interestingly the hotel’s name only appears in miniature within the drawing. Instead, the text proclaims the hotel advertised within as “Detroit’s Great Homelike Hotel.”

The map of Grand Circus Park framed within a heart is a nice touch. Sadly many of the features advertised here are no longer an option. The promise of a homelike atmosphere is especially inviting as hotels today tend to be universally sterile. Ah, nostalgia for an era and places I never had the chance to personally experience.

I can’t help but wonder just how easy it really was to reach the Tuller via airplane in those days. I suppose mass transit was slightly better back then. Either that or airplanes were small enough to land on Woodward… Anyho, there are plenty of other brochures to share, so there is more to come.

3 comments to Homelike

  • Matt

    Thanks for posting this, I found it really interesting.
    They certainly conjure up a sense of nostalgia and a time gone by.
    I love all the little details in the brochure and the hand drawn pictures.

    Please upload more!

  • Penny Thomas

    Thank you for posting this brochure. I am absolutley fascinated with my hometown. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to time travel and stay in one of those “airy” rooms?

  • Another Matt

    Love the reference to Detroit being the “fourth city.” Certainly been a while since those days.

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