Hotel Statler: 1000 rooms, 1000 baths
The Statler in photos
A Family goes to the Statler

Washington Blvd.Arriving in Detroit you find the Statler easy to locate. Its impressive red bulk looms high over Grand Circus Park. You pull your car up to the Washington Blvd. entrance and are greeted by a friendly doorman. He welcomes you to the hotel and informs you of the hotel's free parking facilities just a few blocks away. He then makes sure that your bags are whisked to the front desk inside.

Stepping inside you cannot help but be impressed by the stunning beauty of the lobby. The massive room features fancy marble, furniture, and artworks. As you take in the atmosphere you've noticed that your family and bags have gone ahead to the front offices. You hurry past the comfy lounge chairs and potted palms to check in.

The front deskRounding a corner you find a front office with pleasing modern decor. The man behind the desk is as cheerful as the doorman and quickly finds your name on the reservation list. As you sign the guest book Tom and Sara occupy themselves with looking through the magazines at the newsstand directly behind you.

Upon completion of the registration forms you are given the key to your room, number 802. You see the elevators just to your right but before you can grab you bags a bellhop arrives and picks them up for you. He then ask you what rooms you will be occupying. Within minutes the cheerful bellhop is leading you down a brightly lit corridor to your room.

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