Hotel Statler: 1000 rooms, 1000 baths
The Statler in photos
A Family goes to the Statler

Studio BedroomThe room you are taken to is as beautiful as the public rooms. The decor is bright and modern. You find a clean bathroom, comfortable furniture, a radio, and two studio beds at your disposal. You even have a window looking out at Washington Blvd. But since you are so high up noise is light.

The bellhop deposits your bags on the beds and shows you the features of the room. However, your kids need no introduction to the radio. They are already busy playing with the dials. You are then advised which numbers to call for services. After settling in you prepare for your first day in the city.

Statler GuideYour past visits were for business and you did not see much of Detroit. No matter! You are most pleased to discover the Statler services for tourist. Free promotional literature and city maps are provided in the lobby. You are also provided useful information by a friendly guide. She is knowledgeable about the town and the sites. Among the recommendations are a Tiger's game, the DIA, and the shops on Woodward Ave. She provides directions and tips for these activities.

You thank the guide and make your way out of the hotel and into Detroit.

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