Hotel Statler: 1000 rooms, 1000 baths
The Statler in photos
A Family goes to the Statler

Leaving the StatlerThe following day you pack up and proceed to check out of the hotel. The hotel staff behind the desk are just as pleasant in ringing up your bill as those who checked you in. Your bags are carried to your waiting car just as cheerfully as they were carried in.

Before heading off you receive some last doses of Statler service. The Statler guide provides you with directions to the day's activity, the Detroit Zoo, as well as tips for a scenic trip back to Battle Creek.

All packed in and armed with a Statler boxed lunch, you and your family hit the road. You leave the Statler with a positive impression. The Ads were right. You will be sure to stay Hotel Statler the next time you visit a Statler city!

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