Hotel Statler: 1000 rooms, 1000 baths
The Statler in photos
A Family goes to the Statler

Statler DinnerAfter a long, entertaining day in the city its time for dinner. You find the Cafe Rouge, just off the lobby to be convenient.

The big red dining room is as bright and cheerful as the staff. You are given a table and quickly waited upon by a smiling waiter. He provides you with menus with tempting dishes. You smile at the moderate prices. To service Tom and Sara, children menus and balloons are brought out.

As with all things Statler, the food exceeds your expectations It is plentiful and delicious. You are unaware that it was prepared in the same kitchen that serves the hotel's more pricey restaurant. After the main course your family tops off their meals with famous Statler ice cream pies. Perhaps the best part of the trip!

Finished with dinner you pay the bill to the waiter, who in turn pays a cashier at the end of his shift. You then retire for an evening in those comfortable Statler beds.

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